Findthat from Chrome

The ultimate prospecting toolkit that works instantly right from
your browser

Add to Chrome inside
Use our chrome extension in dashboard to
discover emails.
Save to Lists
Assign prospects to lists to allow
better organiztion and easy
sync with other systems.
Automatic Extract
Save time. We'll automatically
search and fetch for the content
details with just click.
Fast Search
Need someone's email right
away? Click the Flashlight icon
for instant search.

Prospect In Linkedin

Find prospects instantly right from your browser
on social platforms or company website.

  • Auto populate search results.
  • Save prospects to lists.
  • Reveal email address with one click.

Considering Linkedin’s limits, we would recommend that
you use your account judiciously on a daily basis.
So don’t exceed the number of emails found on a daily basis by say 150.
The best alternative is to use the bulk CSV upload.
You can find emails in the thousands.
All you need is the first name, last name and the company domain of the person. Integration

Accelerate link building by easily finding email
addresses of a backlink opportunity.