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Eliminate hard-bounces. Verify the deliver ability of your
email list with the most comprehensive email checker.

Increase email delivery rates in 20% by removing mistyped, fake or old emails from your subscribers list.
Sales Outreach
Boost your sales team performance by saving precious time on dead-end emails.
Email Marketing Campaigns
Protect your domain sender reputation, lists with 10% hard-bounced emails get only 44% of their email delivered.

Removing the guesswork from Email Verification

Some mail servers are set to accept all emails sent to them whether the address exists or not (also called ‘Catch-All’).

While other services rely on server responses to determine whether an email is valid, Findthat uses a diverse set of data sources and requires that at least two sources will flag an email as valid before we call it.

Sender Reputation

Mailbox providers will determine your sender reputation based on the amount of hard-bounces (mailing to unknown users) you send.

Email Verification API

Make sure email lists are clean on any platform or product using one API call, read more.

Confidence Score

Make sure email lists are clean on any platform or product using one API call, read more.

Typos eliminator

Automatically fix common typographical errors in domain names or extensions.

Cross check

Each email is validated using at least two different sources to outsmart Catch-All addresses.

Role-based accounts

No more info@ or help@ email addresses on your next email marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you guess the pattern of email addresses?

Absolutely not. Before calling an email valid, our email verification engine requires that at least two sources flags it as valid, we do that to outsmart Catch-All addresses.

What does it mean when a server accepts all emails sent?

Some mail-servers are set to accept all emails sent to them, we flag email addresses as Catch-All only if we couldn’t find other sources that could verify it validity.

Do you send emails to the destination to verify the emails?

We don’t need to, our comprehensive email validation process is far more accurate and less intrusive than simply sending an email.

You flagged an email as “risky”, what does it mean?

The only way to know if an email address exists for sure is to ask it mail server. We flag an email as risky if it mail-server was set to Catch-All but we managed to find at least one source that could validate it existent.

Does an email marked “Valid” have no chance of bouncing?

Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Our in-depth email verifier engine performs multiple checks beforeing calling an email valid to assure at least 95% deliverability.

Can I verify webmails addresses?

Sure. We support all major webmail providers and have unique custom methods to verify emails from those.