Email Finder

Turn names, companies or social profiles to actionable
business opportunities contacts within seconds.

Boost your sales team performance by saving precious time on dead-end emails.
Business Development
Reach out to potential business partners in a scalable way.
Find the right candidates email addresses and save them into organized lists.

Infinite Pipeline

Email is the universal communication channel of today’s digital world. The email finder is built to help companies reach out to their potential prospects in an actionable, accurate way while saving time and money on sisyphean tasks and wasted opportunities.

Bulk Email Finder

Upload CSV contact lists from any source or platform to enrich it with valid email addresses, the email finder will notify you by mail when the list is ready, download sample file.

Email Finder API

Supercharge your solutions with our REST API and find email addresses with a single HTTP request, read more.

Integrative Solution

Export or send your prospects lists to more than 500+ apps using Zapier, see full list.

Auto Company Population

Start typing a company name and we will automatically suggest it domain name.

Confidence Score

Each result is returned with a confidence score that reflects the deliverability of each email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you guess the pattern of email addresses?

Absolutely not. Before calling an email valid, our email verification engine requires that at least two sources flags it as valid, we do that to outsmart Catch-All addresses.

What does it mean when a server accepts all emails sent?

Some mail-servers are set to accept all emails sent to them, we flag email addresses as Catch-All only if we couldn’t find other sources that could verify it validity.

Do you send emails to the destination to verify the emails?

We don’t need to, our comprehensive email validation process is far more accurate and less intrusive than simply sending an email.

You flagged an email as “risky”, what does it mean?

The only way to know if an email address exists for sure is to ask it mail server. We flag an email as risky if it mail-server was set to Catch-All but we managed to find at least one source that could validate it existent.

Does an email marked “Valid” have no chance of bouncing?

Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Our in-depth email verifier engine performs multiple checks beforeing calling an email valid to assure at least 95% deliverability.

Can I verify webmails addresses?

Sure. We support all major webmail providers and have unique custom methods to verify emails from those.