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Bundle Plans
I need both to find emails and verify email lists
Find Plans
I just need to find email addresses of prospects.
Verify Plans
I just need to do email verification.
Frequently Asked Questions

How Credits Works

One credit equals one email that was either found or verified. You will not be deducted credits in case of no result.

Cancellation Policy

You can downgrade your plan to free at any given time, you’ll still have access to your premium account until your next billing cycle.

What Integrations are available?

To smoothen your experience, our solution integrates with top tools like Pipedrive, HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce and more using Zapier.

How Accurate Are The Results

Accurate as it gets. Find that have a strict policy about where it gets it data from, we never use publicly available information and constantly remove false records.

Do you offer yearly plans?

No, we don’t have any yearly plans. We believe that users should be able to cancel their subscription whenever they want.

If I switch plans, will I lose my credits?

You can switch plans at any time you want. Your credits from your old plan will get added to your new plan. You won’t lose a thing.

Do I get a refund If I’m not happy with the service?

Sure. We offer a 14 days money back no-questions-asked guarantee to new subscribers.

What payment methods are supported?

All major credit cards are supported.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel, upgrade, downgrade at any point in time. No hassles.

What happens if I cross my credit limit?

We’ll automatically send you an email when your balance gets low. To increase your monthly plan, you can always visit our dashboard and upgrade to a bigger plan.

Are there tutorials on how to use the product?

Our product is very simple and straightforward to use. If you want to see how each and every feature works, you can simply jump to the FAQ section or send us a chat message.

Do you sell Email Databases?

We aren’t an email database selling company. We find accurate email addresses of the persons of your choice.

How is the Payment made?

Your account will be auto billed until you cancel

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