11 use cases for Cold Emailing


When people hear cold emailing, the first word that pops up in their head is “Sales”.

Emails have a variety of use cases apart from traditional sales. But emails have a bad reputation and people have become wary of sending emails. A specific and concise email to the right person can do absolute wonders and probably get you what you want.

People are also more likely to respond to emails when you aren’t asking for money upfront (Spam).

Here are some use cases


  • Cold emailing bloggers for guest posting 

You can use cold emailing to pitch bloggers of top publications to guest post on their blogs. It’s a solid way to gain traffic from already established publications with top quality traffic.

  • Cold emailing potential hires

It’s a good way to reach out to people who you are keen to hire. You can express yourself better with email than through Linkedin messaging. With Linkedin, you can also not be sure that they are checking their Linkedin messages on a regular basis.

Cold email influencers and start a conversation with them

  • Getting press for your startup

Getting top quality press coverage can do wonders for your business. It can truly ramp up your traffic and bring a lot of opportunities. The best way to reach out to press people is to ask their permission if they can pitch them.


  • Getting Investors

To ramp your business, you’ll need funding and you won’t get funded just by meeting one or two investors. It takes hundreds of meetings. To close these meetings, you need to reach out to VC’s and ask them for meetings.


  • Warm your leads before Attending a conference

A solid place to network with potential clients is conferences. If you know who is attending, it makes sense to reach out to them before the event and make you intention clear about wanting to meet them.


  • Starting an Online Community – FB group / Linkedin Group

One of the best ways to nurture an audience and promote your business is to build a top quality Facebook group and Linkedin group. Asking highly targeted and specific people to join your group is a simple ask, which adds immense value to the person who is joining.


  • To promote your event to local people

Promoting an event to specific people from a particular area can be done via email. Keep in mind that the invitation should be highly customized for each user.


  • Promote your content

One of the ways to promote content these days is to mail relevant people asking for shares and backlinks.


  • For Marketplace Startups

A lot of marketplace startups have free listing for one side of the marketplace and is of immense value. For example, a recruitment based platform will have free accounts for people who want to get hired. Promoting this business via emails is a good idea because it’s of immense value to hiree’s.


  • To find potential business partners 

Companies need to collaborate with each other. Either for integrations or webinar partnerships or cross promotions etc.


  • Use it to promote your affiliate business 

There are so many software tools that provides an option for bloggers and resellers to promote their business. They won’t know about your affiliate offering, if you don’t promote it. The best way to promote it, is to pitch it to them.

What are the other use cases you’ve come up with?