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3 Growth Hacks using Find That Email



  1. Mass mailing the team

If you are a SAAS based startup and you sell individual licenses, sometimes you realize that there are multiple users from the same organization that use your tool independently.

A good way to get the entire team on board to use your product, would be is to use Find That Email to find the email address of all team members, reach out to them via an e-mail and take them out to lunch.

You could use domain search to find the list of people.

For example, at Find That Email, our customers include sales professionals. Say I target the sales professionals at

Step 1: Go to

Step 2 : Click on the Find That Email chrome extension

Step 3: You’ll immediately see a list populated

Step 4 : Look at the Image below

  • I choose the list I want to store these contacts in. In this case I just chose the default list
  • I want to filter the contacts by their title. I enter “Sales” in the filter field.
  • I get a list of all Sales people at Sales



2. Use Domain Search to find the decision maker in a company


One of the issues while doing outbound sales is not knowing who the decision maker in a company is. There are many different titles and Linkedin search can be tricky.

With domain search you have a list of people and all their titles displayed, this way you clearly know who to target. In some cases, it’s directly the CEO. Knowing the employees in the company and their titles will give you an idea of who to contact to close business.



3. Automating your backlink collection with FTE and Mautic.

Tools you’ll need – Mautic, Ahrefs, Find That Email

Getting useful and important backlinks is the number one SEO strategy in the present. It is a laborious process and you’ll need to convince other website owners to link back to you.

One of the smart ways is to actually automate the whole process.

  1. You’ll need to know where your competitors are mentioned, so that you can be mentioned in the same articles. Use Ahrefs to figure out your competitors backlinks and export that CSV.
  2. Access the CSV and find the author and the domain for each link.
  3. Upload a CSV with the author’s first name, last name and their domain to Find That Email bulk search
  4. Once you get the list, upload this list to Mautic.
  5. Create a bunch of templates – First Email, Second Follow Up Email, Third Follow up Email
  6. Publish the campaign