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8 Tools to Create a Killer Cold Email


Creating the perfect cold email is all about technique, knowledge of your target group and testing. Nevertheless, there are several tools that can make sales smarter in their outreach emails. Having the perfect cold email is great, but it’s not enough. You first need to have the right email address. There is nothing more frustrating than having the perfect cold email with the wrong email address. Tools such as FindThatEmail help you find the right email address to populate your CRM.


So now that you have the correct email address it is time to follow these 4 steps to writing a killing cold email.




An eye-catching cold email incorporates something of interest for the prospect. If you have a huge list of leads to reach out to, then you need to segment as general emails don’t work. There are tons of ways to segment and each organization will select the option that works best for them. Here are some examples of segmentation:


1) Geography

2) Age

3) Gender

4) Organization type (Non-profit, E-commerce, etc.)

5) Industry

6) Job function (very important in the B2B sector, as you want to know who the decision-maker is)

7) Past purchase

8) Stage in the sales cycles

And many more.


Most CRMs such as Salesforce allow you to segment. Nevertheless, the key is to enrich & populate the CRM with accurate data.


There are two ways to do this manually or automatically. Two tools that allow you to do this automatically are RingLead and FullContact.


For instance, if you are a Salesforce user you can use RingLead. It will not only ensure that there are no duplicates, but will also help to populate the missing data. This will help in segmenting by title or geography.


Another interesting option is FullContact, which enriches CRMs with valuable data that can be used to better segment. It gives social profiles, photos, email signatures, company information, and more.


Many CRMs allow you to segment and automatically send cold emails. But not all CRMs have this option. But don’t give up hope! If your CRM doesn’t have this option, it may integrate with Zapier. If you need to connect data from different apps or trigger activities in one app based on an event in another, then Zapier is the tool to use.


Subject line


Once you have segmented, it is time to write a catchy subject line per segmented group. It is no secret that the subject line is key. Indeed, in the article “5 Email Statistics That Are Shaping The Future”, Jay Baer said that “35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone”.


Nowadays, there are tools that allow you to evaluate your subject lines. For example, inside

Mailchimp there is ‘Research subject lines’. You can test the effectiveness of different keywords. Search for a word or phrase, and it compares your terms to all subject lines ever sent through MailChimp.


An alternative if you don’t use MailChimp is CoSchedule. It analyzes the type of headline that converts, the words used and the character lengths.


The next step is to test, test and test some more! So A/B testing is the way to go.


Personalize the body


Like most of us, you probably use an email template. That’s fine, but you know your product and company so well that sometimes you forgot that you are not always speaking to experts. So a great tool to see whether your template is too technical is Hemingway App.


In your template, you are certain to have mentioned your company and added links back to your company website. You can then switch-on the SalesWings website tracking and lead scoring add-on. If the lead clicks on one of the links the tools will start to track him. You will thus know when it was clicked and when he is sales-ready.


Once you have your template it is time to personalize the fields. Personalization shouldn’t stop at the name. Even if you’re running a cold email outreach at scale, it still needs to look like a one-to-one email. You can create spreadsheets with merge fields that include anything from the latest industry news to the latest or most interesting blog post.


Creating more personalized information can require more work than simply a name, but it is worth it!


If you wish to invest some more time and tailor the email for each prospect then you can use Crystal Knows recommendations. Crystal allows you to write outbound emails tailored to each prospect’s personality and preferred communication style. It sounds crazy and unrealistic, but I tested it myself and it works!


Here is an example of an outreach email sent to influencers. The example was the SalesWings article “10 sure-fire methods for turning cold SaaS emails into hot sales”.


Hey {First Name},


First of all, thank you for {contribution}. Your work in {industry} has helped to inspire and guide us in the creation of our company.


As you know, {mention current condition in market that makes your solution necessary (1 sentence)}.


This problem led us to create {Company Name & Link}, a {Product Description} app that {Benefit}.


Since you often review {type of product}, we’d love to see if you think we’re on the right track. Would you be interested in trying out a beta version?


Again, thanks so much for your continued contributions to {industry}. If you could use any help with future endeavors, don’t hesitate to reach out.








{Company, link}




Send the email and A/B test

Once you are ready, it is time to send the email and start to measure. As a sales rep, the most important metrics are open rate, response rate and sales generated.


Tools such as Quickmail will give you the open rate and response rate. Next, you just need to calculate the sales generated. If you are not performing well with sales tools such as Quickmail you also have the possibility of doing A/B testing.

There’s something else that you could do to make your cold e-mail stand out. It can be to capture attention because it stands out. I’m talking about e-mail signatures. Email signature can bring the reader’s attention to something interesting you do about your company. A good email signature company is NEWOLDSTAMP. It’s interactive and can be used to catch attention in the end of the email.


In conclusion, writing a great cold email is all about technique, experience, testing and having tools to support you and make your work more efficient.

Another simple and useful tool one could use is Sales Handy. Sales Handy is great for Email Tracking and sending mass emails with simple changes in templates.