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If you have been considering making a switch from Any Mail Finder, here is an alternative, let us propose Find That Email. We have gathered some information by digging deeper into some of their various attributes that can help you zero in on the option which best works for you. We have pitted AnyMail finder and Find That Email against each other and have attempted to go list out the pros and cons of each service, keeping aside any personal bias, so that you can form an unbiased opinion of your own.

All things considered, it seems like Any Mail Finder and Find That Email are similar in their offerings. But there are a few items which changes things up.


Any Mail Finder vs Find That Email 




Free Credits

  • Any Mail Finder : The free plan entails 20 Search Credits.
  • Find That Email : The free plan allows 50 credits a month.


Credit Cards


  • Any Mail Finder : Credit card is a mandatory requirement to even sign-up.
  • Find That Email :  No credit card required to use the free plan.




  • Any Mail Finder : Any Mail Finder claims an accuracy of 97% with their technique. But according to their website, they send a test mail to the server to verify the existence of the mailbox. What does this mean? This means, they ping the server and if they get a positive response, they assume the email address exists. But this is an inaccurate methodology because of the existence of catch-all servers. Catch All servers are basically servers that accept any email sent to any email address in their mailbox. So you could send an email to blahblahxyz12blah@emailaccount.com and the mail would still go through. But does this mean, the email exists? No. So this is mostly guesswork from Any Mail Finder.


  • Find That Email : Find That Email’s process is robust. We use third party databases and harvest our own data. Our algorithms go through various datasets and make sure to crosscheck at least a minimum of two sources before an email address is generated.

In a test conducted by Ahrefs among top email finding tools, Find That Email ranked first with an accuracy of 92%.


Why is accuracy important? 

Accuracy is super important. When you get bad emails and don’t know that they are bad you spend considerable time in creating personalized emails that is of no use. You also have to face the wrath of email providers who mark your domain for spam because of the number of bounces you have.




  • Any Mail Finder : Any Mail Finder has only the Find Email feature.
  • Find That Email : Find That Email makes it easy for entire teams to succeed with email marketing. Apart from finding emails, one can also verify emails and remove bad emails which affect sender reputation.


Other Find That Email Features


Numero Uno Customer Service

We take customer support extremely seriously and we understand our users cannot be kept waiting while they are prospecting. So we focus on speed and addressing the concern immediately. Considering, we are a small team, our communication between support and tech is direct.


Money Back Guarantee


We genuinely care about our customers and are 100 percent dedicated to serving them well. Hence we offer a no-nonsense, no-questions-asked 14 days money back guarantee to our new subscribers if they aren’t satisfied with our service for any reason.


Upgrades Based on Suggestions

We take feedback very seriously and have added changes to our tool, with suggestions from our customers.


Ready to give Find That Email a go?


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Find that Email is ultra effective at getting you contact details when you need it most.
Super easy to use and returns a result almost 100% of the time.
” – Matt Diggity, Diggity Marketing