Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting



The talent wars are heating up. Every young professional that is perfect for your company is jumping into the startup world or they are getting poached by the bigger unicorns which are just growing by the hour. Competing in this climate can be tricky, but you need to step up your game.


If you are a recruiter, you have a process for hiring. But do you have tools in your arsenal to back that up?


Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is the go to HR tool. It has a bunch of features that helps the recruiter structure their activity.


The main thing you get out of Bamboo HR is the process. There are set processes and set placement for every HR activity. You don’t have to drown yourself in Spreadsheets. Some of the top features are:


  • Centralized Employee Database
  • Applicant Tracking Systems to find the right applicant for your organization
  • Alerts and Notifications to remember to Important stuff
  • Hierarchical access to data


Job Pal

One of the most important innovations in recent times have been Chatbots. Bot Developers have created a slew of Bot based products for various type of businesses. Recruiting has also got a few bots that have helped recruiters.


The latest of it is – Job Pal.


Job Pal is a HR automation software that enables chatting with every applicant without missing even one of them. Basically the bot chats with the applicant and provides information to them and also collects information.


This is great for filtering out candidates and keeping interesting candidates within the loop. There will be no more “the one that got away”


Kira Talent

Remote jobs have become mainstream, but getting top quality remote talent is a hard task. How could you ever judge a remote talent’s capabilities without having a conversation with them?


Face to face video recruiting has gained prominence because of that and it’s been taken to the next level by companies like Kira Talent.


Kira Talent enables you to rate the applicant on different qualities and helps you filter out the applicants based on those qualities.


Kira’s reviewer rating helps reduce admission bias and makes sure that all the reviewers are rating applicants without any bias.


Find That Email


There has been a lot of talk in marketing circles around email marketing and controlling the future of your business and not let other channels control your fate. Due to this, a lot of marketers have started using email finding tools and email verification tools.


But these tools aren’t restricted only to marketers, recruiters can gain a lot from these tools as well. Here’s how.


Sometimes the best talent are to be hunted. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. You need to look through the weeds to find your top talent. So how do you go about this?


You use Linkedin and Find That Email.


For Individual profiles


  • Go to a profile page and click on the chrome extension
  • Choose Find Emails
  • To the left of your browser, another page will open up with the details of the user.
  • Click on the lightning bolt button to instantly find an email address or
  • Choose to add the person to a list that you’ve created


Filtering users by Job titles


You can also choose to find email addresses of people filtered by Job profiles


  • Type the job title you are looking for (Ex : Senior Recruiter)
  • Once the list is populated, click on the chrome extension and choose Find Emails
  • Refresh the page
  • The list will populate on the chrome extension as well.
  • You can choose to find individual email addresses or add the results to a list