The Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting

If you use Chrome as your primary browser and you recruit for your company then you will be happy to know that there are some great Chrome extensions out there which take just minutes to set up but which can make your work way easier than it is already. We decided to put together a list of the 5 best Chrome extensions that every serious recruiter must have as part of their daily arsenal. While creating the list, we gave priority to the most affordable extensions as well as the most effective ones only. You won’t find LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms in the list as they are the most basic platforms you already use but the tools in this list will integrate with them seamlessly and let you make the best use of these platforms. Here goes:

We would probably have placed Rapportive in this slot but things have not been going very well for them since the company was bought by LinkedIn. does the same job and most recruiters we interviewed feel it is more powerful and effective. The work done by this extension is pretty straightforward – you simply copy the email address of the person you are trying to contact and paste it into either the ‘CC’ or the ‘To’ field in the tool. will then pull up all the social media profiles associated with the email address. Once you have that information, finding out more about the people and getting in touch with them should be a walk in the park.

On the downside, you will first have to find and have email addresses of your targets before you can use the tool to pull up their social media profiles.


If you know the company or people you want to contact but do not have their contact information then would be the best tool for you to use. As the name clearly suggests, this tool FINDS the email addresses.

You simply write the name of the person or company and their domain and the tool will search for all email addresses associated with them. Unlike other email lookup tools already available in the market, does not try to guess email addresses but instead digs and pulls actual addresses from more than 100 updated and trusted databases. In addition to doing all of the above, also comes with an easy-to-install browser which can be used to pull up social media information for any Twitter or LinkedIn profiles accessed through the browser.



Although it is currently still in the Beta testing stage, that is just one more reason why you should get this extension immediately as it will allow you to enjoy its great features while the extension is still available for free.

When using the tool, simply create a search with details of the position you are looking for and the domain of the company you want. This will bring you a list of people who occupy the position there. Clicking on the ‘6’ activates the extension and you will find rich social profiles for every name in the list simply by hovering over the name.