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Best Email Verification


Email Verification softwares are in abundance. There are so much that it becomes hard to compare and people resort to googling “best email verification” to find the best ones.


Most of the tools cannot justify why they are the best email verification software although they rank for it.


Find That Email justifies this title because of the way we approach our email verification process.


How do other companies verify their emails


There are different techniques to verify an email address. One of the old ways that is still followed by most of the tools out there is by guessing. They get a hold of two to three email addresses of a domain from the Internet directly and store it in their database.


Once a person searches for an email address from the same domain, they try to put the pieces together based on the email patterns of the email addresses in their database. So this is based on guesswork and is inaccurate


Can Find That Email be a contender for the Best Email Verification software?


Find That Email’s process for verifying emails is completely different.


Find That Email’s powerful algorithms scan through over 20 different datasets to identify the right email address. The next step is to cross check these results against each other to accurately arrive at the right result.


Over and above that, Find That Email also checks for email patterns and sends test emails to SMTP servers to check for the deliverability.


So the total checks that are performed by the other tools is just the tip of the iceberg for Find That Email.


Based on the above information, it is safe to say that Find That Email is the best email verification tool.