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Bulk Email Verifier: Clean Your Email List For Best Email Marketing ROI


One of the easiest things you can do that will reap you huge benefits for your email marketing campaign is a Bulk Email Verification. A Bulk Email Verifier is a tool that checks all the emails in your list and authenticates it and validates your emails. It checks if the emails are legitimate and this helps you with reducing bounce backs and increases your deliverability rate. In short, it weeds out the bad email addresses.

There are multiple benefits to this. You save time and money by not sending emails to the wrong addresses and you also have a good reputation with the spam bots. If most of your emails are bouncing then the spam bots are alerted of this. So within a few minutes, you can check if an email address is valid.


How does a Bulk Email Verifier work?

Findthat.Email’s tool verifies emails from a list and checks to see if the addresses are valid and that an email can be delivered to. It is a simple process, where you upload your list and Findthat.Email’s advanced algorithm scans through these email addresses one by one and checks them with 20 different data sources to ascertain their validity.

All of this happens in minutes and FindThat’s tool also can check an email address even if it’s a part of a catch-all server. To know what a catch all server is, click here. Briefly, a catch-all server accepts any email to any email address hosted within that server whether that email address exists or not.


Steps for Bulk Email Verification

Perform 3 simple steps to validate email list in


Step 1: Upload your list for bulk email verification:

Step 2: Choose your column in which emails are listed.


Step 3: You will get notified via email once your email list is ready after verification.

Step 4: Download your verified email list. 

To Summarize

If you are looking to send email broadcasts, you should definitely consider a free bulk email verifier to validate your email list. This helps in increasing your deliverability rate. Also, good for your email marketing ROI. provides 15 free credits a month to check individual email addresses.