What is Confidence Score?

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Confidence Score is an indicator of validity of the sources of the found/verified email(s). The bigger the Confidence Score is, the more accurate the results are. For each found or verified email, you’ll be able to see the Confidence Score and it will tell you whether the email is authentic and whether you should use it or not.





100% We found the email address from a very reliable source(s) – And you can send the email with 100% confidence that it will be delivered to the right person


95% Found the mail from a very reliable source – You can send the email


85% Slightly risky source(s) – It means we have found the email but we’re not too confident about the email’s authenticity


70% This means we have found the email but it comes from risky sources and we’re not confident whether it’s authentic. It also means that we consider sending the email to it risky, since we cannot guarantee it represents the right person.