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If you haven’t already, Sign-up for a Find That Email account here. It’ll take you less than 15 seconds.


Say you are prospecting on Linkedin and you come across a profile that fits your target audience and you want to reach out to them. This is how it would work


  1. Go to and then visit any profile and click on the Find That Email extension.
  2. The Extension automatically starts searching for the Email Address and you will see a screen like the one below


3 : We look at the features of the extension


4. Item 1 : Once the email is found, the email address and the confidence score is displayed. The confidence score is a number that states how sure we are of the validity of the email address. To learn more about confidence scores, click here.

Item 2 : You can copy the found email address instantly to send an email

Item 3 : You can choose a list from the drop down and add the contact to a particular list

Item 4 : If you haven’t created a list, then you can create a new one and you will get redirected to the website, where you can add a new list.


5. Sometimes, some email addresses may take a few extra seconds to be found. If that is the case, you’ll see the ‘Search in Background’ button. When you click this button, you can continue looking for other email addresses and when the email is found you get a browser notification.