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One of the easiest ways to prospect for new clients is to use the Find That Email with Linkedin.


Step 1 : If you haven’t already, Sign-up for a Find That Email account here. It’ll take you less than 15 seconds.


Step 2 : After the sign-up. Let’s test the Linkedin search feature. Go to Linkedin and in the search bar type in your keywords. For Example : ‘Product manager’ and choose ‘People with the Title’



Step 3 : On your Linkedin page, you’ll get a list of product managers. Click on the Chrome Extension

Step 4 : The Find That Email Chrome Extension automatically populates the data and displays names and information like the image below. 


Step 5 : Zooming into the Extension : 

Item 1 : You can choose to select all contacts in the list

Item 2 : Or you can choose to select a few

Item 3 : You can save all the contacts to a very specific list.

Item 4 : If you haven’t created a list, you can create a brand new list.

Item 5 : To save time in prospecting, we’ve added this feature called ‘Search in Background’. This way you can choose the contacts, click on Find Emails and Save and then click on Search in Background (When it pops-up). And then you can continue to look for other leads in other pages. Once the emails are found, you’ll get a browser notification and all the found emails will be available in the List you’ve saved them in.