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Email Collection Strategies : 9 Ways to start email collection for your business with examples


Email marketing is the most personal form of marketing online. People’s social media feeds are cluttered with baby photos, vine videos, and their aunt’s baking recipes. They don’t control the content in their social feeds, but they do with their email. Most people, especially professionals do control the content in their Inbox. Collecting legitimate email addresses of your customer persona has to be a top strategy for you, especially in sales. So without further ado, Let the email collection strategies begin!


Strategies for Email Collection: 


On Your Website


Landing page

Collecting email addresses on your website is the first low hanging fruit that you need to pluck.

Having the option of collecting email addresses on the page your users land is always a good idea. What if the user is convinced about your business even before they click on your link? Maybe they saw a guest post on an authority site or they saw a review on quora and land on your site. What do you do? You put an email capture form with a lead magnet preferably to collect email addresses.

Optimizing for this behavior and always keeping the option within the user’s periphery is important.


Backlinko’s homepage has a simple form on the right that eggs the user to sign-up.


Exit pop-up

Exit Intent Pop-ups have been stopping users for a brief few seconds for the past few years on websites. But why are they still present, if they are seen as annoying by a lot of marketers? But first, what are they?

They are email capture popups that appear when you are looking to close the tab.

An Exit Intent pop-up with the right value addition is one of the best email address collection strategies around. Say you enter a premium bakery and you either find it expensive or for some reason are about to exit. Just then, one of the service professionals stop you and give you a discount on one of the doughnuts. You are likely to go and give them that business. With the right value provided to the user, you can collect their email address.


On the Hubspot Blog, when you mouseover to close the tab, you get a popup exactly like the one below. They urge you to subscribe and suggest that there are already 300,000 subscribers and you should do too. The 300,000 works as social validation.


Within a Blog Post

An important place for collecting email addresses that are missed out by a lot of companies is, inside a blog post. When you write a beautiful blog post that is packed with information and appeals to the user, that is when it’s good to ask for the user’s email. They have seen something they like and they want to know more.


Backlinko does this really well, by adding a giveaway within the post. In fact, he makes it even more appealing by saying that there are extra tips available in the giveaway that isn’t there in the post.



There’s something with e-books and people wanting to get a hold of them. E-books that are packaged extremely well and that guarantees insights and knowledge for the reader is a rapid e-mail collection machine.


In the case of Unbounce, they used the Exit-popup to let their users download the free e-book on ‘Design for Conversion’. The strategy of using exit popups combined with the promise of a book makes it a stronger push for collecting email addresses.


Social Media

Facebook ads

Facebook Advertising is an effective strategy to collect emails but only for the serious marketer. It’s easy to lose a lot of money without making an impact on Facebook. If you are wondering how to collect email addresses from Facebook, you need a lead generation strategy. You either give out a free course, or a free e-book, or a free consultation for lucky winners. You’ll need to figure out your value proposition really well. The next important step is the ‘Targeting’. You cannot blanket ad-bomb users, you’ll end up with nothing. You need to go in-depth into the power editor and target your users based on demographics, job titles, age, the company they work at and more.


Digital Deepak has a simple example of using Facebook advertising to drive traffic to his landing page and collecting emails. He A/B tests his landing page, facebook advertising, the target audience and increases ad spends on the ads that work.

CTA in Your Social Media Bios

This is a simple and easy tip, but many marketers forget it. Adding the right Call to Action’s in all the social media info pages is a simple, but effective move.


A perfect example of a solid call to action is the use of the  “Sign-up” CTA on the Buffer Facebook page.


CTA in Your Linkedin/Medium Posts

On platforms like Medium generally, even startup stories have the emotional side to it. This is high-performing content, it humanizes your brand which definitely makes prospects warmer.  and a great place for collecting email addresses.


A good example for this is, using the CTA that Ali Mese has. He has an image of his subscription section from his website on the Medium post. This is a fabulous call to action.


Build A Tool

One of the recent successful trends in email collection has been tools. Tools that are free and that add value to the user have been major in bringing in a lot of traffic. One of the ways to improve your email collection rate is increasing your traffic and tools are the way.


Crew is a company that helps you find designers and developers to bring to life your idea. They accidentally created a side-project that became a huge lead generation tool for their startup. And they continued to create other simple tools which generated a lot of traffic from them and in-turn helping them collect email addresses.

Other ways you can collect emails

Getting e-mails for marketing is one thing, but for sales, it’s totally something else. I read a Quora answer recently which said, the number one rule to be the best salesman is to get quick no’s. So you don’t end up wasting time on people who don’t want anything to do with you. Sales is not about pressurizing people to get your product, it’s about getting in front of people who are most likely to benefit from your service.

So when you get quick no’s, you run out of prospects to reach out to and you’ll need a funnel of new prospects and their email addresses and that is where Findthat.mail helps.


How our chrome extension works.

One of the easiest ways to add email addresses for prospecting is through the Findthat.mail chrome plugin.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you can navigate to any Linkedin page of your prospect and click on the @ with the yellow background and you’ll get a screen which automatically recognizes your prospect and you can add that person to the list. It’s as simple as that.


For sales, it’s a numbers game. The more prospects you have, higher the deals you close. Simple logic. So take action and tell us about your results!