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Should You Use Email Extractors For Sales Prospecting?


As marketers, we go through cycles of successes and failures and sometimes you reach the zenith of marketing desperation (Like a lot of us have), and then you use something like an Email Extractor. Before we get into the details of using an Email Extractor, let’s delve into what it is.


What is an Email Extractor?

An Email Extractor is a tool that scrapes email addresses from the web and gets you a list that you can use to spam deliver your message. Email extractors are very easy to use and can access thousands of websites in a single session by using a variety of proxies. The software is capable of channeling through many layers of the Internet to locate and extract email addresses from websites, discussion groups, social networking venues, and many other sites.

It can look like a very lucrative opportunity that you can grab. But it is wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you grab it, it kills your reputation and your marketing effort. This is what Wikipedia has to say about Email Extractors (FYI: The word ‘Spam’ has been used 63 times in that article).


How does an email extractor work?

There are two types of email extractors and their functioning is slightly different.


Extractor #1: What you see is what you get, but faster

Let’s start this with an example. A popular bank will have branches all over the country and on their contact page, they show the email addresses of all the individual branches. An extractor is this case, generally, a chrome plugin of sorts, is immediately able to pick up all the email addresses immediately. You can copy this into an excel sheet. This is helpful because, if you have noted the email addresses manually, it’s going to take you a while.


Extractor #2: What you don’t see, you get:

The second type of an email scraper is generally a desktop tool that you have to download. You can choose a target website like ‘’ and ask the tool to spit out all the email addresses with the extension ‘’. In the image below you can see the extractor in action. It basically is a crawler that collects all these email addresses and pushes it out to you.

extract email

There are a lot of free email extractors in chrome. These tools tempt a lot of marketers because of their ease of use and simplicity in acquiring emails.

email extractor software


Why marketing based on email extraction is a bad strategy?

Email extractors are capable of extracting hundreds of email address from many places on the Internet for the purpose of sending unsolicited email campaigns to a large number of people in a matter of minutes. Although email extractors have been used for other purposes, the main use is to send spam.


1. The Spray and Pray Approach

Using an email grabber to collect emails and push your marketing message or a sales pitch does not work. This is not the 90’s and people don’t have attention spans of Buddhist monks. Everything has to be curated to your customer. Advertising or a sales pitch is so curated, especially online and that also doesn’t always guarantee sales because people are not in the mood or position to make a purchase. You cannot expect to mail a thousand people and expect people to start purchasing. Instead of a spray and pray approach, you need a sniper’s approach.


2. Poor quality of leads

Most email grabber tools extract the wrong kind of company email addresses. They get the generic email addresses like or Email addresses that are generic belong to the department as a whole and are used for sending mass emails within the company to the employees. Even if it has an outward facing role, it’s more of an inquiry medium than a business medium. A lot of companies also initially create these addresses and don’t pay attention to it later. To close deals you need the email address of a specific person.


3. It’s not according to the law

You aren’t allowed to send emails to people who haven’t subscribed to your newsletter. The ISP’s are paying attention and if they whiff anything close to spam, you will get banned, no questions asked.


4. It destroys your reputation as a company

People get incensed at unsolicited emails. Kind of like unsolicited advice, you don’t want it. When you email a person that is not expecting your mail or connected to them, your value as a company drops considerably. They also resort to complaining about your company on social media and specific forums. A company that does business through spamming isn’t considered a good enough company to do business with.

Just for laughs. Look at this pitch from an Email Extractor company. They ask you to imagine a 30% boost in your sales just with a few clicks. They are right, you can only keep imagining this and it will never happen in reality.

email crawler


Using to optimize your sales process.

We’ve slogged our butts off so that you don’t waste your precious time and money on something that is borderline illegal and that doesn’t work. We’ve had sales experience and we’ve gone through the same cycles of marketing like you have. These extractors don’t work and they add to your frustration.

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To wrap it up …

Email extractors are bad for you, these tools are also illegal and you can be penalized for using them. In your quest to reach a mass of people, don’t compromise on quality.