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Email Hunter Vs Find That Email


We wanted to do a comparison of how our tool fares against other tools and in this article we compare Find That Email to Email Hunter. Obviously this might seem biased because we are doing the comparison. But we will be honest with our comparisons.

Test 1 : Finding Emails

Speed of Service

We want to check how quickly a result is obtained.

The speed for both the tools are pretty much the same. For Email Hunter, you have to first enter the domain name and then the name of the person and the results are literally instantaneous.

For Find That Email, you have to enter the details, all at once, but the results take 1 or 2 seconds to show up.

In terms of absolute speed, Email Hunter is faster by a few seconds. This can be attributed by the fact that, they use the information from their database.

Accuracy of Service

The techniques in obtaining the email for both the services are different. Email Hunter tries to guess the email by checking their database for email addresses from the same domain and putting the email patterns together.

Find that Email finds the email by scanning through 20 different proprietary data sets and coming to a conclusion based on those results. The information in the data set is cross checked with each other and email patterns are also verified.

The Experiment – 1 

We decided to test the email address of a bloggers that we have already gotten in touch with and can confirm that is the right email address.

The email address is of ‘Scott Britton’ for

Email Hunter’s Results

  • Based on Email Hunter’s results, correct though it is, they aren’t able to get an accurate confidence level.
  • They list a few web pages where this email address was found


Find That Email’s Results

  • Find That Email is able to confirm with 100% confidence that the email address is legitimate.

Test 2  : Domain Search Capabilities

Domain Search is a chrome extension which gives the user a list of email addresses and names for a particular domain.

For this test we use Buzzsumo’s website.

Email Hunter’s Domain Search Results

Accuracy of the Results

  • Email Hunter’s results displayed seven results with varying confidence levels.
  • Only 3 out of the 7 emails are email addresses of people, the rest all are department email addresses
  • It doesn’t give you the titles of these people
  • The confidence level color codes don’t really help in making a decision.
  • A credit is deducted for performing the domain search.


Speed of the Results

Email Hunter’s domain search speed is almost instantaneous. It’s definitely the faster tool in comparison.


Find That Email’s Domain Search Results

Accuracy of the Results

  • Find That Email’s domain search result for Buzzsumo listed about 7 results.
  • The results were broken down by the person’s name and their job title
  • All the results were of people and not generic department email addresses
  • A credit isn’t deducted for doing a domain search. It’s deducted only when you look for an email address.
  • You can add the people to a specific list and looks for individual email addresses

Speed of the Results

Find That Email’s domain search results takes a few seconds to display and a few more seconds to display the email address on your request.

Test 3 : Features and Pricing

Email Hunter Pricing

Email hunter shot to fame with their freemium model. They have something called requests and it includes finding emails, verifying emails and conducting a domain search.

  • You get 150 requests a month for the free plan.
  • The paid plan starts at $49/mo for 1000 requests.

Find That Email Pricing

  • Find that email has a free plan with 15 search credits and 75 verify credits.
  • The paid plan starts at $29 for a total of 1250 credits.


We are here to show you the difference between the two tools and let you decide for yourself.