Kishen is a serial Entrepreneur and Author. He wrote multiple books on Marketing and Growth and have helped startups grow their business.

Growth with Find That Email (Strategy #1 ) – Find Press for your Startup


Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to get initial PR from the big guys. They get hundreds and hundreds of emails. You as a startup should focus on getting the medium and small fish as quickly as possible to get some valuable backlinks and build credibility.

To find out the websites that you need a shout out from :

Google “Startups News <Your Country> ”

The results for this will definitely be top startup blogs and other smaller publications that cover startups and product companies.After you’ve identified a few websites. Here is the process you go through

Step 1 : Visit the site

In our example we use India’s top entrepreneurship blog –

Step 2 : Click on the Find That Email Chrome Extension and Choose Domain Search



Step 3 : Filter your results

Once you get a bunch of results, filter your results with either “Author”, “Writer” or “Reporter”



Step 4 : Find the Emails for all the resulting items

Mouse over the results and click on this  icon to instantly get their emails

Step 5 : Reach out to them

That is a simple way to use Find That Email to get some Press for your business.