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Find Prospects on Linkedin: How to use Linkedin for Sales Lead Generation


Linkedin is one of the most direct channels that one can use. What I mean by direct is, you can be very straightforward with your message to people because it’s all about business. This means people are open to receiving messages about hiring and for sales. Linkedin Prospecting is widely used by salesmen all over the world. But. 

Most sales people use the simple search to find out potential prospects and they don’t delve in deep, but there is more to Linkedin prospecting and that is what we are going to cover today. Add this to your Linkedin lead generation strategy. 


How to Use Linkedin for Sales Leads


Filter Prospects with Advanced Search


Advanced search is a very efficient way of getting a list of your prospects. Say if had to prospect on Linkedin, this is how we would filter our search. FYI, You’ll need a premium account to access advanced search. These are the options we would choose: 


  • Connections: 2nd Connections and Group Members
  • Country: United States
  • Function: Sales
  • Industry: Your targeted industry (for example: Software)
  • Interested in: Deal Making Contacts
  • Seniority:  Manager
  • Years of Experience: 3 to 5 years
  • Company size: between 51 and 200 people.


Join Business Groups in Your Industry


There are numerous groups on LinkedIn. Join your business related groups to find more prospects at one place.

This is the easiest to do and gives you of valuable insights about your prospects. Most professionals with similar job titles end up joining the same groups where they share the latest articles pertaining to their field. Getting into these groups do three things


  • You get to know all the people you should be adding your list
  • You can understand their concerns, which will help you shape your pitch better
  • Being in this group can be a common denominator that you can identify yourself with. Something along the lines of: 

Hey, I see you are also part of the <Name of the Group>, Would you be interested in having a quick chat about <Your Product>?. It will help you with <Solution>.


Check prospects from  “People Also Viewed” Sidebar + “People Similar to”

When you find one prospect on LinkedIn, you can see similar prospects on right sidebar “People Also Viewed”. A good thing about Linkedin is, they make it very easy to find similar people to the prospects you are looking at. Generally, if you notice, In the “People also viewed” section, they will be very similar to the profile you are currently looking at. If you scroll down, in the same sidebar you can see “People similar to”. From a single prospect, you get 10 to 15 potential prospects.


Be a Serial Connector


The power of a Linkedin profile is magnified by connections. The more connections you have, the larger your network and easier the access to people out of your network. To do this, make sure to add all your email contacts. When you mouseover the ‘Grow My Network’ Icon you get the following option.


Meeting people and connecting with them during events is also a good way to expand your network. But, you should focus on building quality relationships instead of trying to meet the most people possible. When you add contacts, it gets easier to get introductions to people in your second-degree network.


Use Boolean Google Search


One of my favorite ways to sift through profiles and filter prospects on Linkedin is through Google. Yeah, Google search is powerful and that has tools that you can use to filter. This is the boolean search option on Google. This is how you use it.



Site: “head of sales”


If you copy paste the above search query on Google, you’ll get all the “Head of Sales” of companies in the UK region. You can keep changing the area by adding the prefix for each country.


Search For The Target Company


If you have the idea of the company you want to target, but no idea about the person that you need to speak to within the company, then the best way is to search for the company itself.

When you do this, you get a list of their employees and you can scroll through each of them and find your prospect.


Scroll Through Skill Endorsements


Now, this is something that is out of the ordinary. Check out the ‘Skills Endorsement’ section of your prospect to find out similar prospects. Generally people who are in the similar space endorse each other as they work together and are aware of the other’s strength in that field.


See Who’s Commented On Your Prospects’ Posts

People who comment on your prospect’s post are more like same as your prospects. It will work even better if your prospect is popular or has many connections.


Being smart in sales is about noticing. You can use something as simple as noticing to find out prospects. When one of your prospects is a popular, influencer or an authority, he/she will have a lot of people who are in the same field but aspire to be like this person. Your future prospects usually comment on these posts and it’s a great way to make a list of future prospects.


An example of this is, recently a Digital Marketing Influencer wrote a Linkedin post about Digital Marketing templates he had created and asked anybody who wanted it to mention their email address in the comments. About 3,000 people commented and most of them were Digital Marketers. So if your prospects were digital marketers, then you just hit the gold mine. It’s all about noticing.