Find That Email – Email Hunter Alternative


There has been a lot of requests lately for an Email Hunter Alternative. If you are looking for a tool to find emails or verify emails with immaculate accuracy. Read on.

Rate of Finding Emails

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, so let us share what Ahrefs wrote about us.

To Summarize

We were the most accurate among the top three tools in the business with a 92% find rate.


Charging for Credits 

Email Hunter charges a credit if you perform a search. With Find That Email, you get charged a credit only if you find the email address you are looking for.


No Guesswork Involved 

The way Email Hunter finds the email address is completely different from how Find That Email do it. Email hunter try to guess the email address by the email pattern or finding links on the Internet

Find That Email never guesses an email address. We use a combination of strategies that involves getting data from multiple sources and cross checking them. We also do pattern matching and collation of URL’s, but that is not the main way of finding email addresses. This makes us accurate.

This makes sure you save a lot of time by avoiding bad results.


Top Draw Support 

Support is our biggest priority. Of all the tasks we have, it is always the number one task for all the departments. We are aware that during the sales process there can’t be delays in prospecting and hence our focus is on giving a real-time solution to your issues. Again, don’t take our word for it.


We also offer 50 free credits month. Sign-up here