Find That Email Helps Reactful grow their business- Case Study!


This is an interview with the Reactful Team


About ReactfulReactful is quite a powerful yet simple technology ensuring you can program your digital fronts to sense visitor intent and react in real time and helps in engaging & converting Real-Time. We equip you with proprietary technology that boosts your site in seconds, allowing you to automatically understand real-time visitor intent and react accordingly.We use machine learning and AI to find those viewers who visited your website.


Were you using a Tool Prior To Find That Email? We were using a similar tool for finding emails which did its job a less accurately. But that’s not something we wanted. We expected something more, the accuracy of the results while finding emails is much better with Find That Email.   


How do you use Find That Email? Specifically, the products you use: We use Find That Email to find our target audience’s email addresses. We use the Bulk Find option by uploading an Excel sheet and also using the Linkedin Chrome Extension.


How has Find That Email benefited you? Find That Email has helped us get high-quality email addresses of very targeted people quickly with the chrome extension. It also ensures we don’t have to worry about bounce rates.  


What is the strategy that you use, when you reach out to potential companies? The tried and tested strategy we use is, first we find our target audience and do a proper research on how we can be useful for them to help grow their business and then we use Find That Email to find the email address of the prospect and reach out to him. This strategy works well when you are a B2B company.


A testimonial for Find That Email: Find That Email saves us a lot of time and resources by finding the right email address of our leads. The chrome extension works seamlessly finding emails on LinkedIn. The accuracy of finding emails and search in background options are really well put together. The simplicity of the tool is something which every user will appreciate. It gives you a great head start to run your campaigns by finding accurate leads. The customer support is also top notch.