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Email Marketing Tools: Top 5 of the free and best marketing software for 2017


With new email marketing tools cropping up every year, it’s safe to say that email marketing is still effective. The best part about email marketing is the fact that there aren’t crazy changes to the way it’s done like the way it happens with Facebook Advertising. Even old-school sales techniques like cold-calling have continued to evolve and email prospecting is only growing! Who would have thought?

As a tool provider that has a free plan, we look out for other tools that have free plans and for this article we are looking for free email marketing tools.


Tools for Email Marketing and Email Prospecting and Running Campaigns

  1. SendX


SendX is a Lead Generation and Email Marketing automation tool. It comes packed with pre-built defaults and a content library that saves ample time which they factor into the ROI. Sendx is targeted at non-marketers which mean a lot of the complicated marketing stuff is packaged for ease of use. Their USP is anybody can become an email marketer.

Main Features:

  • Popups and Widgets: They have a set of Popups and Widgets that focus on conversion optimization. Exit overlays, Lead generation Popups and more are available in beautiful designs that will help convert your users.
  • Running an Email Marketing Campaign: Running email campaigns with SendX are a total breeze because you can Segment your audience, Schedule your emails and send a broadcast message.
    • Some of the special features are Resend to Unopened which is resending emails to subscribers who haven’t opened the first mail.
    • You can choose to send an e-mail to a single user by using the Triggered via Automation feature that sends an email to a user if they have performed an action(Visit the site, Added a product on the shopping cart) specified by you
    • All of this is ably tracked and can be dissected later with the help of Google Analytics tracking.
  • Marketing Automation: Automation is made possible with a tool called Micro-Targeting. It is a small but a dynamite feature that lets you do a if this, then that action on your emails. So if your user performs action A, you can send one type of content, if he performs action B, there’s a new set of content that you can send over. 
  • Drip Sequences: Drip Sequences are a set of emails sent one after another after a period of time. These are very effective for keeping the attention of your user.


SendX has a three-tier pricing system

  • Free Forever: Up to 500 Contacts, 5000 Emails, it’s free and 24/7 Support (Chat and Email) is also available.
  • Growth Plan: It’s subject to the number of Email and Contacts. But the lowest is $6.15 a month for 1000 Contacts and 4000 Emails. 5000 contacts and 12000 emails come to $19.98 a month
  • Premium Plan: This a custom plan where you need to contact SendX for the pricing. But they offer an Email Strategist, an Integration Engineer, and Unlimited Domains.

2. Mailerlite


Mailerlite is a simple email marketing tool that’s less on the fluff and more on product usability. It has Unlimited Emails a month for any plan.

Main Features:

  • Drag and Drop Editor: With the Drag & Drop Editor, one needs to know no HTML to create emails. There are options for adding images, gallery, product, code, video, social links and more. Time saved is considerable because of this option.
  • Built-in Photo Editing Feature: Photos are a major deal in emails these days and with this feature one doesn’t have to resort to outside tools to create that perfect picture for your email campaign. You can crop, add frames and effects, draw, increase sharpness and so on. This also aids in saving a lot of time.
  • File Manager: When running campaigns, managing collaterals like Images can become a hassle. The file manager helps in keeping images organized and lets you access them swiftly.
  • Subscriber Management: This feature enables the user to import/export contacts, manually add contacts. But the most important factor is the custom field feature, which lets the user create their own field and fill it with their own values based on the data they’ve received. This is particularly useful for segmenting the audience.


Mailerlite has a three-tiered pricing plan.

  • Free Forever: This is a highly sought after plan because as long as you have lesser than 1000 subscribers you can use their service for free and send them unlimited emails a month. This is a dream plan for younger companies.
  • Small Business Plans: They range from $10 for lesser than 2,500 subscribers to $140 for 50,000 subscribers. Unlimited Emails can be sent on this plan as well.
  • High Volume Pricing: High Volume pricing doesn’t have unlimited emails. It’s $175 for a limit of 720,000 emails a month and 60,000 subscribers. It goes all the way to $1,275 a month for 7,200,000 emails and 600,000 subscribers.

3. Ariticmail


A confusing name for an email marketing tool, Aritic is positioned as a Whitelabel Email Marketing Application. It’s primarily targeted at those who want to start their own email marketing software company, with their plans starting at $250.

Main Features:

  • Lists with Searchable Custom Fields: You can import contacts and have lists with custom fields. These are also searchable to give you access to the items you are looking for.
  • Test Email before Sending it Out: Before your campaign ships out, you can test to see if your template has passed the email spam score. This way there are no problems of getting penalized after your emails are sent.
  • Autoresponders: Autoresponders are Drip Emails that go out in a sequence. This helps in user engagement and retention.


Their pricing range from $250 a month for 200,000 Subscribers and 1,000,000 Emails to $1,300 a month for 2,000,000 Subscribers and 10,000,000 Emails.

There is a customer mode as well that is free for 100 Subscribers and 1000 emails.

4. Elastic Mail

Elastic Email is truly elastic. They let you scale from 100 emails to 100 Million emails seamlessly because of their systems that are in place.

Main Features:

  • Analytical Tools: Elastic Email is big on data. They represent statistics visually to make faster decisions. They also have an A/X testing tool, that is basically A/B testing for your email templates. You can test every single aspect of your template.
  • Elastic API: If Email marketing is extremely important for your business, then you can go a step further by integrating Elastic to your site. There are integration libraries in various programming languages such as #C, Php, and Javascript.
  • Pre-Designed Templates: An obvious feature, but still an important one. Elastic’s premade templates make it easy to get started with your email marketing.
  • Every Account has:


  • 24/7 Support – We are here to help!
  • SMTP and HTTP API Access
  • Detailed delivery tracking and statistics
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
  • Inbound Email API
  • Campaign creation tools
  • Unlimited Free Contact Storage
  • Template Editing
  • Detailed Campaign Statistics
  • White Label Reseller Tools


Up to 150,000 emails a month, it’s free to use. For an addition of 1000 emails, the user will be charged $0.09. Up to 100,000 contacts, it costs $0.29 for every 1000 contacts.

5. Mautic


Mautic is an open source email marketing company. It is a giant killer, competing with the top marketing automation tools in the world like Hubspot, Infusion Soft Etc. This isn’t a straightforward plug and play tool, it’s more of a developer’s tool and requires considerable programming experience. It’s a business to business email marketing tool.

Main Features:

  • Tracking Opened Emails: An Email sent through mautic has a tracking pixel image attached to it. When this image loads, then the actions of the recipient are tracked. The downside being the non-loading of the image.
  • Segmenting Emails: Emails can be sent to a segmented audience. You need to use a cron job for scheduling emails.


Mautic is totally free. It is an open source tool. It does require a lot of technical chops to use the tool effectively.

That was our list of 5 top marketing tools that you need to try. Have you tried any of them? Let us know!