How did Rave Infosys use Find That Email to Increase their Leads- Case Study!


This is an Interview with the Rave Infosys Team


About Rave Infosys

Rave Infosys is a team of Certified Software Engineers. We provide customized web and mobile solutions. Smart solutions and flawless execution on any platform is what we do. We are a Magento Associate Solution Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, Salesforce Silver Partner and Google Partner. Our mission is to help businesses in their bottom line, by delivering quality technology services.

How did you hear about Find That Email?


We found Find That Email recommended as a tool on a review website.  


How do you use Find That Email? Specifically, the products you use


We use Find That Email for various campaigns. We mine emails for leads and also to verify the emails of the existing leads. The features we generally use are Find, Verify, and Bulk.

How has Find That Email benefited you?


Find That Email helps us to run our campaigns more accurately and efficiently. It saves us a lot of time. We can also extract data in Bulk from the Bulk option.

What is the strategy that you use, when you reach out to potential companies?


We run different campaigns and each campaign has different strategies for processing the potential companies. When we reach out to potential companies we try to find out their needs and mail them accordingly.

A testimonial for Find That Email


Find That Email saves us a lot of time and energy in finding the potential leads information. The tool provides very accurate data and its features like verify and bulk data extraction helps to run our campaigns smoothly and more effectively.