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Influencer Marketing Template: Tips for your influencer marketing email template with analysis


Many companies have used Influencer marketing with varying degrees of success. Some have used this kind of marketing to establish themselves as a brand, some have used it to make direct sales. You don’t reach that point without reaching out to the Influencer. What is your playbook? Do you have an Influencer marketing email template? If you don’t yet, read on.

Influencers are inundated with emails from companies and individuals and all of them wanting the same thing. It’s not just about having money to pay them, you’ll need to convince them first. Your pitch will need to be compelling enough that they reply and engage with you. A few blogs have mentioned how their open rates with regards to Influencers has been the poorest. So let’s prepare you to create the perfect Influencer outreach template.


Crafting the Best Influencer Outreach Mail

The Subject

Your outreach will go nowhere if you don’t nail the subject line. It’s very easy to miss an email in your Inbox and it’s even more so for the Influencer. Here are some examples that have personally worked for me.

I’m in the process of publishing a book and for that, I had to reach out to Influencers who were CEOs of top companies in India.


Subject 1: Hey<Name of the person>, We want to cover you in our book. 

Subject 2: <Name of the company> + Entrepreneurship book. It’s a match! 

Subject 3: Covering <Person’s company> in a book.


With subject lines, if it isn’t something obvious make it direct, if it is obvious, be a bit vague. What I mean is, we were direct in our approach for the subject line because these influencers don’t get emails every day saying that their story will be covered in a book.

But, something along the lines of an Interview, they get requests like this every day, so you need to be a bit vague. Example:

Subject: Hope you are doing well!, <Name of the Influencer>


The Message

Coming to the crucial part. No matter what you write, your content should have the following characteristics

  1. Your Introduction with a small greeting – This builds familiarity with friendliness.
  2. It should be a very short message – Influencers don’t have a lot of time and mostly they close an email that is too big.
  3. It should have a clear request with a clear outcome


Here’s an Influencer outreach email sample.


Dear <Name of the Influencer>, 

Getting Acquainted 

I hope you are doing great. I’m <Your Name> and I am a <What you do>. I’ve been following your work recently and really liked your <article/video/product etc> on <Their recent work>. 

Getting to Business

I’ve reached out to you today because of one thing and that is regarding <Your core message>. You’ll have fun/benefit working on this because of <Reasons>. 

Closing Business

We would really appreciate your help with this. Are you open to having a call on <Day><Time> or <Another Day><Another Time> to take this further?

Thanks a lot,


<Your Name>


It’s optional to have the message with an invitation for a call, but if that’s what is required you need to follow it.


I break down the email message into three main sections 


  • Getting Acquainted

Keep the beginning friendly and Introduce yourself. If you are in a high position, use your title in the Introduction. Speak about a very specific thing that the influencer has done or been part of. Make it specific. A line they mentioned in a talk, an article they wrote etc. Make sure it doesn’t look like a template.


  • Getting to Business

You immediately get to the point and talk about how it’s going to be interesting or beneficial for the Influencer to work on your project. If you can, name drop subtly. That you have other influencers who have shown interest and are working with you. This is uber important.


  • Closing Business

Suggest to the Influencer that you will take only a small amount of their time and make sure you clearly communicate what you want them to do. Write a testimonial, give a quote, get on a call. Whatever that is.


The Follow-up Message

In a lot of cases, the Influencer might have missed your email or seen it and decided to respond later and forgot or does not want anything to do with it. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, you just want to get a clear yes or no.

Hi [name]!

I’m <Name> from <Where you work>. I had sent you an email last week regarding <Your message briefly>. I reached out to you because I know you’ll be the perfect person for this. 

Some of the benefits of working on this are <List reasons>. I would love to have you work with us regarding this. 


<Your Name>

Other ways to remind the Influencers about your email

Get them on Twitter. It’s that simple. Tweet to them saying “Hey, I sent you an email, awaiting your reply!”. This immediately makes them go to their Inbox and check your email. This is a harmless and a good reminder.

In Summary:  What if it doesn’t work? 

It’s alright. It’s not personal at all. Influencers get 100’s of emails asking them for something or the other. In fact, the odds of not getting a reply are higher than getting a reply. So you need to prepare yourself for rejection. But if you want to make it more fun, here’s a tip

Why do you think scientists and people in the medical field don’t tire from failure. It’s because they’ve made it an experiment. They label each experiment and talk about the positives of each and the negatives. It’s more about the process. If you can be experiment driven and focus on the process, you will also considerably see your open rates increase. Test the subject line, test the copy, test the timing of the email and test whatever is possible. Mix it up, add images of you in the email, add an image of you photoshopped with the influencer. It’s all about experimenting.