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Do you block accounts for any reason?

A person gets a single account.If an attempt is made to create multiple accounts by the same person, their account is blocked. If your account has been accidentally blocked, reach out to us.   

How do I change my password?

  Choose “Profile” from the drop down menu that has your name on it. Go to the “Change Password” tab and enter your current and new password and click on “Update”.

Can I delete my account?

  No. We are never going to let you go! Kidding aside. We actually don’t have a delete option. You can stop using your account if you don’t get any benefit out of it. Or if you have a paid account, you can shift to the free service and stop using your account

I haven’t received the verification email. What do I do?

  This happens on rare occasions. Here’s what you can do Check your ‘Spam’ folder and see if you’ve received the email there If you have waited for more than six to eight minutes. Reach out to us and we’ll fix your issue

Can I change my account email address?

  Unfortunately this is not an option that you can access from your dashboard. You can reach out to us manually if you require a change of email address connected to your account.

I am not receiving emails from Find that Emails. What do I do?

  Although our email sending systems work seamlessly, there might be anomalies now and then. Check your spam folder. If it isn’t there please contact us. If somehow it is in the spam folder, mark us as Not Spam to continue receiving emails.

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