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If I switch plans, will I lose my credits?

You can switch plans at any time you want. Your credits from your old plan will get added to your new plan. Keep in mind though, that no credits get transferred to the next month so make sure you spend it before the end of your billing cycle so you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

How can I get more credits?

There are two ways to get more credits: 1) to share your unique referral link 2) to upgrade your monthly plan. To share your link with your friends, click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen to see more options in the dropdown menu and then click „Get more credits“: You […]

Do subscriptions auto-renew every month/cycle?

Yes! Subscriptions auto-renew so that you don’t have to spend time renewing it every month. If you want to stop the service before the next auto-renew, then you have to downgrade your account. To do so, see How can I switch plans (upgrade or downgrade my account)?

What is the subscription cycle?

In the world full of obligations, we’d like to keep things fresh or as some would say: with no strings attached. That’s why we don’t have yearly plans, as we wouldn’t like to feel your subscription like a burden. Find That Email therefore has monthly plans only. Your plan gets renewed each month until you change it or […]

Do I get a refund If I’m not happy with the service?

Sure. We offer a 14 days money back no-questions-asked guarantee to all new subscribers. In case you’re longer with us and want to cancel your plan, you can always do so.

How is the payment made?

Once you choose your paid plan, your account will be auto-billed monthly until you cancel it. Plus, you can always choose to cancel, downgrade or upgrade your plan.

I don’t know which package to choose. What do I do?

When you sign up for a free account with us, you get a trial Premium account for 14 days and 50 Find and 100 Verify credits within. Try it out for a few days with no strings attached to see your daily usage of credits. That way you’ll be able to determine how many credits […]

How credits work?

One credit equals one email that was either found or verified. You will not be deducted credits in case of no result.

Where can I find the pricing info?

To see the prices for our paid packages, simply click on this link or go to the header of our website and click “Pricing”: Then, pick one of the plan options (Bundle, Find or Verify) to explore more options: Each of the options has several pre-made plans. If, in some case, none of them fits […]