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What is a credit? And How are they charged in Find That Email?

  A credit is a measure of how many email addresses you can search for. If you have 100 credits, you can search and find 100 email addresses. You will not be charged a credit if you didn’t find the email address. You will also not be charged a credit for searching for a person’s […]

Can I see how many credits are left?

In your Dashboard, next to the Upgrade button, you will be able to see your current plan. If you mouse over your plan, you can see the credits that you have left for Finding Emails and Verifying Emails    

Can I see my past searches?

In the Dashboard, click on the “Lists” tab. If you have added an email address to a specific list, choose that particular list. If you’ve just made a search and not added it to any list. It will be in the “Default List”

Can I see how many credits are left ?

  In your Dashboard, if you scroll down, you will see “Account Info”. There you can see the credits that have been consumed for Find Credits and then Verify Credits.

What about repeat searches made using Find that Email’s Chrome extension?

  It doesn’t matter where you make the search. Repeat searches of the same email address are counted as one credit.

Do unused credits from a previous month carry over?

  No they don’t carry over.

If I search for the same person’s email address repeatedly, do I lose a credit every time?

Not at all. It’s counted as one credit.

How are credits counted for Domain Searches that return numerous people’s information?

We don’t charge for the results displayed. We show the list of people and when you can ask for a person’s email address, that is counted as one credit.

If a search yields no results, do I lose a credit?

  Oh definitely not! If a search doesn’t yield a result, you are already disappointed and if a credit gets taken from you. That is just rubbing salt on your wounds. We don’t do that