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Do I get charged for repeated searches made using Find that Email’s Chrome extension?

It doesn’t matter where you make the search. Repeated searches of the same email address are counted as one credit.

If I search for the same person’s email address repeatedly, do I lose a credit every time?

Not at all. It’s all counted as one credit.

If a search yields no results, do I lose a credit?

Definitely not! If a search doesn’t yield a result, you are already disappointed and we don’t wanna rub salt on your wound.

At what time do my credits renew?

Your credits renew at the beginning of each new billing cycle, at 00:00 UTC (Midnight).

If I upgrade from a paid plan to a higher paid plan, do my unused credits also join the new plan?

Of course they do.  You paid for it. It’s all yours. If anybody says otherwise, let us know, we’ll take care of them. 😉