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What information can I find with Domain Search?

  You will be able to get a person’s  Full name Job title Email Address    

How does Find That Email get the email addresses for Domain Searches?

  Just the way we get email addresses for normal email search. We go through twenty different datasets to verify the validity of the address. The emails aren’t just taken from the internet and pieced together based on guesswork. Find That Email’s results are faster and more accurate because of our powerful algorithms.

Why are there no results for email addresses for certain domain names?

Certain domain names are not in our datasets and hence there are no results. We keep adding new domains to our datasets regularly.

What are the domain names that are covered in Domain Search?

All domain names that are on the internet are covered by Domain Search. 

What does the Domain Search do?

  The Domain Search or People Search lets you find All the people who are part of the particular company or domain Lets you filter people through their titles or names Also gets you access to their email addresses

Can I filter and search for specific people in a domain search?

  You can filter the results of the domain search based on titles/job positions or names. Filtering by Name   2. Filtering by Title / Position  

Can I find the email pattern for a specific domain?

  Find That Email’s algorithm works on extracting the exact email address for each person. Generally speaking a lot of companies let their employees decide the format of the email address and we avoid guesswork like that.