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Results Code

Our email verification feature can return a few different text codes that helps you determine if an email is valid and safe to send. Attached below is a short table that will help you understand our results. Text Code Description Safe to send? Valid Verified email address. Yes Invalid Un-verified email address. No Risky Server […]

What do you check for when verifying emails?

Here is a small list of verifications : Whether an email has a valid format of not. For example – “” is a valid format. Whether an email looks legitimate. For example “” isn’t a legitimate email address We check if the domain name is being used for a temporary email address. We check for […]

What does the Email Verification tool do?

  The Email Verification Tool scans through legitimate data sources that spews our accurate results. Cross checks are performed across these datasets and a common email address across this is emerged. The one with the highest rank is displayed as the resultant email address. If it is an inaccurate email address, the system is notified […]

How do you guess the pattern of the email address?

Again, our style of verification is different from other tools. In other tools, for example when they get hold of one accurate email address for a domain. If there’s a search for an email address that belongs to the same domain, they use the exact same pattern to verify the email address. This technique is […]

Does Find That Email send emails to the destination server to verify the emails?

  This is a very common technique among email validation providers. There is an issue with sending emails to the email address to check for validity. When the server is set to “catch-all”, it means it will accept all emails and will not bounce back. This will signify that the email is valid. But that […]

Does Find That Email do Bulk Email Verification?

Of course we do. That is one of our main products and as we are go through at least 20 different data sets to verify the email addresses, it’s a guarantee that you get the most accurate results for your lists

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