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Can I verify emails through the Chrome extension?

No, you can only use the extension to find emails. You can verify emails only through the web dashboard.

Can I use the bulk verification on the free plan?

Unfortunately, you can use the bulk verification only on the paid plan. Check out our pricing page for plans that includes the bulk feature.

Does an email marked “Valid” have no chance of bouncing?

Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Our in-depth email verifier engine performs multiple checks before calling an email valid to assure at least 95% deliverability.

What does it mean when a server accepts all emails sent?

Some mail-servers are set to accept all emails sent to them. We flag email addresses as Catch-All only if we couldn’t find other sources that could verify its validity.

You flagged email as “risky”, what does it mean?

The only way to know if an email address exists for sure is to ask the mail server. We flag an email as risky if its mail-server was set to Catch-All but we managed to find at least one source that could validate it is existent.

Why do I need email verification?

There are several reasons why email verification is useful for your business:  Email duplication Remove repeating email addresses from your list to avoid useless spamming.    Spam-trap removal Catch spam-trap honeypots before sending it an email and get blocked.    Mail server validation Remove email addresses that don’t have a valid mail server to avoid […]

Verification Results Codes explained

Our email verification feature can return a few different text codes that helps you determine if an email is valid and safe to send. Attached below is a short table that will help you understand our results. Text Code Description Safe to send? Valid Verified email address. Yes Invalid Un-verified email address. No Risky Server […]

Does Find That Email send emails to the destination server to verify the emails?

This is a very common technique among email validation providers. There is an issue with sending emails to the email address to check for validity. When the server is set to “catch-all”, it means it will accept all emails and will not bounce back. This will signify that the email is valid. But that isn’t […]

Can I bulk verify email addresses?

Of course. This is one of our important tools. Same as with Bulk Find, you can upload a CSV file with pre-populated fields and you’ll get an email when your verification is done. To bulk verify email addresses, head to the Bulk Verify tab from your Dashboard: There are two ways to verify emails in […]