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Can I use the bulk finder on the free plan?

Unfortunately, you can use the bulk finder only on the paid plan. Check out our pricing page for plans that include the bulk feature.

Can I search for personal emails and not just business ones?

Since personal emails have low Confidence Scores as it is very hard to get the accurate results, you can try but we generally don’t deliver results from free email providers such as Google or Yahoo. That’s why we focus only on business email addresses, to deliver only accurate, verified results with good Confidence Scores. There’s […]

Can I see my past searches?

Yes. In the Dashboard, click on the “Lists” tab. If you have added an email address to a specific list, choose that particular list. If you’ve just made a search and not added it to any list, it will be located in the “Default List”

Can I ask to have my email address(es) be omitted from the search results?

Yes. If you don’t want your email address to be included in our search results, you can ask to be removed from our database. Please contact us.

Do you take feedback for correcting inaccurate emails returned in results?

Our engine automatically picks up inaccurate emails and deletes them. So generally speaking, there is a cleaning process for wrong results which helps improve the service on a daily basis.

Do you guess the pattern of email addresses?

Absolutely not. Before calling an email valid, our email verification engine requires that at least two sources flag it as valid. We do that to outsmart Catch-All addresses.

How do I find emails using your web dashboard?

Find That Email’s Find tool helps you find email addresses of professionals you are looking for just by their first name, last name and domain name.   Finding individual emails: First, you have to be logged in into your account. Go to your account Dashboard, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner […]