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Sales Stack : A curated list of Sales Tools broken Down by Process and an Explanation


Welcome to the Sales Stack Page!

This is a curated list of sales tools that follows the sales process and has an explanation of the tool and the process as well. You can reach out to us @ if you want to add your tool here.


Sales Process

A sales process is a guide of sorts that every sales person needs to follow. There is a generic sales process that is followed by sales professionals all over the world and there is also a separate process for each and every company. The main sales process is as follows.


  • Prospect 
  • Connecting
  • Research
  • Present
  • Close


Creating an Internal Sales Process

Creating a sales process. Every company needs a process of step by step implementable strategies. This varies from business to business.

  1. Creating a Sales Process – Process Street 


  1. Documenting the different stages of Sales – Pipedrive

  1. Resource on creating a sales process



Prospecting involves understanding your product and clearly understanding your potential leads. What are their customer personas?

There can be many customer personas and a good tool to create them

  1. Creating Customer Personas – Xtensio – Free

  1. Identifying Customers – Linkedin 
  2. Reaching out to Customers – Find That Email



This is the action of reaching out to them. There are many ways to reach out to a prospect. One of the best ways is to cold email

  1. To track the emails you’ve sent – Use Hustle 
  2. What happens after you click send? – Use Yesware

Yesware is another tool that works great after reaching out.



Understanding a bit about the company and their process can help you.

You can use social mention tools

  1. A social mention tool to see what people are saying about your prospect’s brand –  Mention


Presentation is a critical component of Sales. To nail the pitch, you need the right information displayed in a crisp and beautiful way.

  1. Presentation Software – Prezi
  2. Demo Automation – Go Consensus


This involves doing any ancillary work prior or post closing the deal. This maybe something like sending the client a quote or negotiating.


Sales Analytics

You need actionable data to improve your sales performance. Sales teams that use analytics are far advanced

  1. I-Snapshot

Sales Incentives

Everybody work better with rewards and if these are tracked and to a certain extent gamified, it makes it a very powerful tool to inspire sales teams.

  1. Xceleration is a sales incentive tool



If you need an affordable email marketing platform, Sender – all-in-one email marketing tool may just be what you need.