Why email finders are the key to SEO and outreach success



This is a guestpost by AppInstitute


In today’s highly competitive SEO world, outreach can be the difference between your website ranking on the first page of search results and the second (and that makes a significant difference!). But going about outreach in the right way can be tricky. Luckily, the process is made a whole load easier by the likes of Find That Email. Knowing who to email and getting their contact details makes up a big part of a successful outreach campaign.

What is outreach?

For those who aren’t yet aware, an outreach campaign involves you contacting other relevant websites to offer blogs, product reviews, interviews and other resources, in return for the site linking to yours. Having reputable websites link to your website can greatly improve your organic SEO ranking and also expose your brand to a wider audience.

When Google crawls through the web, it identifies links as well as pages. The Internet is a vast place, so Google will use different links to help it classify and rank websites. Through sophisticated link analysis, Google can determine the relationship between different websites and build up a picture of a whole website ecosystem of interlinking pages and related companies.

To make the most of this ecosystem, you need to make sure your website is linked to others in your industry. That doesn’t just have to be partner organisations, it can include online publications, blogs, and websites that link to your competitors. It can also include sites that have broken links or outdated content which you can offer to fix for them with one of your own resources. To find these websites, you can use a tool like AHrefs to check your competitors’ backlinks and see if you can also be linked by the same websites. It also gives you a host of other valuable SEO metrics, including keywords your competitors are also using.

How email finders help with outreach

Once you’ve identified some targets for outreach, however, getting hold of their emails can be a bit of a mission. This is where Find That Email comes in handy.

Using Find That Email, you can take your list of outreach prospects and discover relevant email addresses for the people you wish to contact. You can then keep this in a list to send out targeted mass emails.

Make your outreach relevant

Just a note of caution here, too often our inboxes are littered with spammy and irrelevant emails. You want your outreach campaign to be a roaring success, which means you shouldn’t take a scattergun approach to emailing prospects. It’s worth investing time in creating separate lists for different categories of website. If you’re a digital marketing company, you might want to have a list for websites that are specifically to do with social media, and another for ones which have blogs and articles about email marketing campaigns.

This allows you to send an email saying something along the lines of “I saw you linked to website X on your webpage Y. Perhaps you’d be interested in our article Z?”

Additionally, you could create lists that are specific to each article or blog that you wish to promote.

Save time with an email finder

Using an email finder like Find That Email can drastically shorten the amount of time you have to spend emailing contacts. Often, if you were to manually search for email addresses, you’d have to trawl through loads of web pages to find the right person – that’s if you manage to find the right address at all.

Make sure your emails are accurate

If you do already have a list built up of potential contacts, you can also double-check them using Find Your Email and then merge them with any other contacts you discover using the tool. Over time, you’ll build up a pretty enviable list of contacts for outreach! Keeping your list up-to-date will mean that you can use it over and over again for future articles. Luckily, Find That Email can also help with this, by regularly updating its database with current emails and removing broken ones.

Social media also helps your SEO

Another added bonus to running an outreach campaign is that your article may be shared via another company’s social media. This expands your brand awareness beyond your own followers and those that visit your website. It can also help your brand gain credibility and a good reputation if the company that shares your article is particularly well known. It’s been said that social signals (the interaction and sharing of content on social media sites) is somewhat used by Google as an SEO ranking factor as well.

Outreach requires some effort

A successful outreach campaign is built on more than just numbers. Yes, you can try to email as many people as possible and hope that a few react positively. However, it is far more effective to make sure that you’ve done your research and you’ve made the effort to research a website and what it’s all about.

Outreach can take a while, but it is made significantly faster thanks to tools like Find That Email. Like anything worthwhile, it can involve a bit of initial set-up. You’ll want to make sure that you create lists for whatever topic or article that you’d like to push. You should also create an email that can hook readers right from the get-go. Explain to them why your article, blog or product is worth them linking to. Imagine your email like a sales pitch, but instead of actually selling your product or service, you’re promoting your website and credibility alongside it.

There’s nothing more frustrating than carefully crafting an email only for it to bounce back because you have the wrong email address. Thankfully, Find That Email can verify your current email addresses and constantly updates ones on its system so this should be a rare occurrence for you. When you begin an outreach campaign, it’s worth investing in an email finder like Find That Email to save you a lot of time and hassle. That way, you can focus your time and efforts on reaching out to the right people and not on researching email addresses.