The Power of Email – How Small Businesses Can Leverage Cold Emailing


In all these years marketing channels have come and gone. More importantly for marketers, marketing strategies have come and gone. By the time a hack comes alone, marketers use it and abuse it, that the value is lost.


But one channel has been powerful and strong. Recently I came across a post on Facebook on a popular growth hacking group. This group suggested hacks and strategies and tricks to get users and clients.


This post was different. It spoke about a 19 year old entrepreneur and how he grew his business. He plainly said, he doesn’t believe in all these hacks, all he did for his business was old school sales and cold emailing.


He would find email addresses, send a relevant and strong email and he would close business. No extra bells and whistles, no fluff. Just stuff.


What I got from that article was the following


  • Email still works, if you mail like a human and don’t try to automate everything
  • Email is a channel that users still control unlike other social media channels
  • Email is a great way to reach a person without any blocks like Facebook’s other folder


Here’s how you can start your cold calling process


Step 1 : You need to know who you are targeting


If you have existing customers you can find out the job titles and the Industry they represent. Look for patterns and you will find them. But based on experience, the job titles are surely to remain the same.


So make a list of Job Titles and the Industries you want to target. Once you do that, you can go around hunting for the companies.


Say your target market is SAAS companies and you are looking for Marketers in these companies. If you do a bit of googling, you’ll find something like Saas 1000.


Step 2 : Find the People


Once you have the companies, you’ll need to find the people. Go to Linkedin and search for ‘<Job Title> + <Company Name>’


Let me show an example.


I typed the job title and the name of the company and I got a result.

Step 3 : Find That Email


The next step is to find emails and there are a few useful tools out there. But one we are going to suggest is ours – Find That Email


We have a chrome extension which makes Linkedin prospecting easy. You visit a profile, click on the extension and you get your email address.


It also has bulk finding features. You can choose to make a list of names and the company domain and you can find emails in Bulk.


You can also find emails in bulk with the chrome extension on Linkedin. Say I want to find people with the title ‘Head of Marketing’. I type it on Linkedin and get the results.


I click on the Chrome Extension and I’ll be able to see all the contacts. I can add them in bulk, move to the next page and this way I can collect hundreds of contacts in a matter of minutes.

Step 4 : Send Personalized Cold Emails


Bulk Templates don’t work anymore. Don’t think of sending one. Bulk templates can be sniffed from a mile away. They are impersonal, they lack customization and people don’t feel good, getting a bulk email.


Find out about the user, their interests, about their company, their problems. Try to collect all this data and write an email that touches on that pain point.


I don’t believe in templates anymore, because you can’t give a general template that addresses everybody’s needs.


So don’t underestimate cold emailing. Don’t underestimate the power of making things personal. Forget the hacks and focus on things that work.