The Power of Emails in Human Resources


Even though there are thousands of HR firms and HR folk employed in companies. There’s still a huge demand for top quality human capital. That’s the way the business is. Nobody can capture all and everything.

There will be big players and there will be small players. There will be independent consultants and there will be large firms. There are also hiring platforms in the mix.

So what does it make this market?

It makes it a very crowded industry and highly competitive. Not only from local players, but also globally.

In this article we talk about how the simple email can counter a lot of the inherent challenges and competition in the HR Industry.

The Problem with Hiring on Linkedin

As Linkedin is THE platform for hiring and professionals, it’s safe to say it’s a HR anthill. It’s filled with HR folk who are trying to find the right talent.

This also includes HR people pushing the agenda by sending Inmail’s and direct messages and also sending requests to potential candidates. There are not one or two, but MANY of them.

The problem is, it gets irritating. And you can’t stand out. You are one of the hawkers in a street meant for shopping.

There’s another problem as well. Linkedin is not as addictive as Facebook. Many people don’t use it on a daily basis at all. So the messages you send just go into oblivion. If they do log in after months, it’s too late.

Also, Linkedin is inundated with messages like this. Most of them are unsolicited and irritating.


How do you stand out? 

If you want to be a top HR professional, you need to learn to sell. You need to able to sell your potential to companies. You need to be able to sell the company’s potential to future hiree’s.

One of the strong tools for sales people is emails. Truth be told, it’s been used with varying degrees of success. But with the right approach you can succeed as well.

Now why emails? 

Email is still the biggest channel of communication. Professionals use emails extensively while doing business. It’s become a mode of communication that gives you time to react unlike other social channels where there’s an expectation to reply faster.

Email is also daily used. It’s the first thing that is checked during work. It is also not “taboo” to check emails during work. Checking Linkedin during work may send the wrong signals to the current employer.

How can Email be leveraged? 

Sending an email to a potential candidate is rather easy. Here is the process

  • Find their emails
  • Send them a solid first emailer
  • Follow-up


Finding Emails 

Assuming you’ve identified the people you are going after. The best way to get their email address is by using the Chrome Extension.


Sending Emails 

Once you’ve found the emails the next step is mailing them. The one major advantage of reaching out to them via E-mail is the opportunity to build a relationship. Here’s a template that you could possibly use


Subject : A possible opportunity

Hey <Name>, 

I’m <Name> and I work for <Company Name>

We are a <Brief description about the company> and we are looking out for <Job title>. You seem like a perfect fit based on the research I’ve done and because of the following reasons 

  1. Reason 1
  2. Reason 2 
  3. Reason 3 

Would you be interested in getting on a call to discuss this?

Thank you

Your name

Reaching out doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple and to the point. You can also add a little humor to make it more personable.


One of the most under done tasks in the process of cold-emailing is following up. People don’t reply or see emails for various reasons. They might see an e-mail and forget to reply.

They might have missed the email because of various reasons. The best way to make sure they get the message is to send them a followup email confirming if they’ve got your first message

Adopting this strategy

There is no major difficulty in adopting this strategy.

It’s simple to get started with and you are likely to see an increase in replies and you will be starting a relationship with each candidate that’s personal and that will help in closing more relationships.