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Three of the most hilarious and worst Outbound Messages we’ve got.



Marketing is always a collective effort. I’m not talking about a team within a company. I am talking about all marketers as a whole. Marketers ruining platforms isn’t a new thing at all, in fact it’s the default. Similar to this, a lot of marketers and sales people are ruining outbound emails for everybody. Even if technologies such as email tracking (Yesware), website tracking and Lead scoring (Saleswingsapp) can help with outbound emails, you still need prospects to click & read your email.

Bad formatting or poor agendas have stopped people from interacting with any outbound email marketer. At Find That Email, we’ve focused on the quality of our outbound emails as most of our market segment includes sales professionals as well. When we see outbound emails with bad hygiene, we get sleepless nights. So here are a few examples of true emails and messages that we’ve received that are downright wrong.


The Random Helper

Say you are walking out of the supermarket with one very small bag of groceries. You are able and healthy and a person walks up to you and says “Can I help you” with a creepy smile to accompany the message. The person doesn’t tell you how they want to help or who they are. The outbound message below is the Linkedin version of the supermarket experience. This is an actual message I got. I am trusting you aren’t this bad.

What’s Wrong

  • There is no proper introduction and reason for reaching out
  • There is no agenda. It is really vague. What does world of creativity mean?
  • This person wants me to share my Ideas and Interests about our common skills. There’s no clear reason why I would do that
  • Also, there are random smileys after every paragraph. That is just creepy.


What can be Corrected

  • A lot of business gurus give advice about reaching out to Influencers and the first tip is always “Help the Influencer with their problems”. This sort of generic “I am here to help” messages don’t cut it.
  • Having a very clear agenda is important when reaching out. Introducing yourself and what you need. You can be straightforward these days about the help you need.


The Straight Pitch 

One of the biggest mistakes in Outbound attempts is thinking it’s about you. It’s never about you, it’s always about the other person. This Outbound email has a few positives like a short email, social validation and bullets explaining their services. But, it doesn’t cut it.

What’s Wrong

  • There is no introduction and they claim to understand my business’ requirement.
  • They don’t link to their “Top 25 Consultant” title.
  • It is grammatically incorrect
  • It is just a hard-sell. An attempt to push.

What can be Corrected

  • Sending the email as a person instead of a company humanizes the email
  • Linking to any of their achievements, even adding images adds credibility.
  • Listing one single service and focusing on that and describing the benefits of that would be better than an attempt to push all the services.


The Mystery Man

One of the worst outbound emails I received is from a SEO professional with years of experience behind him. The mail addresses me as “Authority”. The mail gives the details of the person who is going to give the Free SEO suggestions.

What’s Wrong

  • There’s also a line which says “Just google him to get know more details”. How lazy is this?
  • That beauty of a line is followed by the Darth Vaderish command “Give me your website URL”.
  • It ends with a “Last 3 days”. I’m secretly praying that it’s his last 3 days of email marketing effort.

What can be corrected

  • If the person is an authority, they need to identify their achievements within the email
  • They need to delve further into their services and talk about how it’s impacted another business. For example, “We helped company X to increase their traffic by 100%”
  • The Free service should be better advertised and should be more enticing

Now that we’ve covered this.I’m begging outbound marketers out there who send messages and mails like this. On behalf of all the outbound marketers in the world, please stop. Don’t ruin it for all of us.