Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Sales Professionals

The life of a sales professional is a busy life. Every day comes with a host of tasks and managing everything can be extremely difficult without the right tools. The key to managing everything and increasing overall productivity lies in automation. With the right tools, you practically have several ‘machine assistants’ who make sure that every task is not only properly completed but that it is completed on time. At the top of the list of such tools are Chrome extensions and here is a list of the top 5 Chrome extensions that every sales professional should have.

SalesHandy is the only sales engagement platform providing free unlimited email tracking without any restriction. One can track emails from both Gmail or Outlook using SalesHandy email tracking plugin.
Its doesn’t just end with email tracking, SalesHandy also provides:
  • Email scheduling –  To schedule the emails. It has one interesting feature which users love i.e Email Scheduling with Time Zone. Users don’t have to calculate much about time zone differences. With SalesHandy one has to just select the time, date & timezone.
  • Document / Attachment tracking – To track prospects / viewers behavior on sent document / attachment. Track page wise time details and get super power over the docs to control document accessibility.
  • Team templates – To share the email templates among your team as well as personal templates.
  • Mail merge – SalesHandy allows sales teams to send upto 200 personalized bulk emails from your Gmail account per day with tracking and reporting functionality.

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As a sales professional, you probably send and receive tons of emails every single day. Some of the emails might need follow up on a later date and Boomerang is the tool that makes sure you do so on time. With Boomerang you can write the email now and then schedule it to be sent to your contacts at a later date. You can also schedule emails to be resent to your inbox on a specific date when you need to follow up on the email’s contents.



This extension is great for helping sales professionals to avoid procrastination and to stay on top of things every day. It is more than just a task scheduling tool. Once you install the extension, Momentum takes control of every new tab that you open. In the new tabs, you can create a To-Do list for the day and you will be reminded of it each time you shift to a new tab. Definitely helps you stay focused. The new tabs also come with inspirational quotes and pictures from the web as well as weather information.


This is definitely one of the most important tools to include in your sales arsenal. Dubbed ‘The Yellow Pages of Emails’, FindThatemail is a very powerful tool that allows you to find email addresses for companies and individuals at the click of a button. The extension can be installed on Chrome and other browsers and once installed it allows users to prospect directly from LinkedIn using simple drag-drop features. Another great feature for sales professionals is its ability to process bulk email searches and verification.


If you cold-email on a regular basis then this tool might just be the one for you. If you have tried then you will probably feel Connectifier is a rip-off since it only displays email addresses on the few occasions where the addresses are available on public databases.

The extension is still great for prospecting since it runs on a small space to the right of your screen and pulls personal information for every LinkedIn or Twitter profile that you open.


It is only prudent to group these two extensions together since they practically do the same thing. Rapportive used to have the upper hand in the beginning but things have been going downhill for them ever since it was purchased by LinkedIn so most sales professionals now prefer to go with

You can use both tools to look for social profiles of individuals if you know their email addresses. Simply paste the email address into the ‘To’ or ‘CC’ fields of the inbox and the social profiles will show up if there are any.



Bonus tool:

Troops’ free Slackbot is the easiest way for sales and customer success teams to use Salesforce from directly within Slack. Right now Troops integrates with Salesforce, Google Apps, and Slack so that teams can run reports and pull any customer information into Slack with a simple command as well as configure alerts based on Salesforce activity / inactivity to be piped into Slack.